Monday, May 18, 2009

Malaria - Basics 3

Q.1 What are the different phases & host(s) of the malarial parasite?
Ans. Sexual phase (sporogony) in famale Anopheles mosquito & asexual phase (schizogony) in human.

Q.2 Which species of Plasmodium is most prevalent in India?
Ans. Plasmodium vivax is most prevalent in India.
Q.3 During which stage of life cycle plasmodium enters into the RBCs?
Ans. During the Merozoite stage the Plasmodium virus enters into the bloodstream from liver.

Q.4 Which species of Plasmodium causes relapse malaria?
Ans. P.ovale and P.malariae. These parasites can remain in liver in latent stage for month or year and known as Hypnozoites .On reactivation they cause clinical relapse of malaria.

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